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Online Banking

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Aurora, IL 60505
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Would you like to receive your financial information faster in a safe and efficient manner? Sign up for e-statements. Your statement will be delivered to the email address which you provide. You will be able to balance your statement quickly with no paper to file and store.

Fox Valley Credit Union is committed to ‘Going Green’ by reducing our eco-footprint and promoting the use of less paper. In addition, electronic statements allow for greater ease of storage and accessibility with no delays waiting for traditional postal delivery. Starting February 1st 2016 mailed paper statements will be charged a $1 statement fee. This fee will be automatically waived for members over 60 years of age and minor accounts (under age 18), and the fee is not applicable for members receiving E-Statements instead of paper. Please contact us with any questions or for further details.

Sign Up for E-Statements